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"This program is about growth, transformation and change. When you complete the program, you will not be the same person you were when you enrolled; you'll be better for it. The only thing I regret is that my experience is now complete." —Dr. David Blender, PhD, Illinois


Our Unique Curriculum

Our metaphysics degree curriculum will teach you real-world metaphysical skills that can be used immediately!Metaphysics is the study of existence and consciousness, and we believe in teaching real-world metaphysical concepts that enhance lives in a very real way while at the same time inspiring higher thinking. Many, if not most, other metaphysical programs focus on very esoteric and largely New Thought metaphysical topics that often have little practical value in the real world. While these other programs are neither right nor wrong and some students may be interested in such specialized topics, we believe that informed and education-savvy people want courses that focus on helping them to learn practical life skills combined with metaphysical philosophy and techniques that can be used immediately to enhance their quality of life and professional expertise.


Our curriculum is especially designed to provide the training and tools necessary for those who want to start a ministry, coaching, spiritual counseling, holistic healing, or hypnosis practice; or who desire to conduct research and investigations in the field of paranormal and anomalous phenomena in the form of a lay vocation. And of course, our program is also beneficial for those who just want to become more knowledgeable in metaphysical topics with the added benefit of personal growth.


By the way, the leadership training available in this degree program is second to none and you will learn many streetwise concepts instead of just straight theory. Our metaphysics degree is also excellent for managers in the secular world who wish to be better leaders.


Our metaphysics degree program is specifically designed to arm you with

real-world metaphysical concepts and practical life-skills that will

enable you to live a happier and more successful life, enjoy much

healthier relationships, and to help others along the way!


Quality Content

Dr. Douglas Kelley has taught metaphysical topics for over 30 years.Our metaphysics degree programs were developed by IMHS Founder and President, Dr. Douglas Kelley, who was first ordained over 35 years ago and has spent his life teaching, writing, training, and developing people all in the spirit of metaphysical concepts. He has developed many proprietary concepts that form the basis of the course material and, therefore, are not available in any other metaphysical course.


Having authored many books and courses, Dr. Kelley has gained a reputation as an expert in the area of human nature by thousands of people who have benefited both directly and indirectly from his metaphysical approach to life, relationships, and business. As a result of Dr. Kelley's substantial experience in human development, students will learn practical and invaluable life-skills that will enable them to be successful in their chosen area of specialization.


Dr. Kelley also has extensive experience in the paranormal and anomalous research field. He is the founder and director of the ParaNexus Anomalous Researchers Association (, a leading association of anomalous researchers. He brings his grounded and realistic approach to paranormal research to those who choose to specialize in the anomalous sciences. Hundreds of people have received their Certified Paranormal Investigator (CPI) status through his highly acclaimed courses. If you are interested in anomalous research, getting your metaphysics degree will take you far beyond any other paranormal course including the CPI course.


The IMHS Student Center

Our Student Center is your access point for all metaphysical courses and additional resources.All metaphysics degree program students have access to the Student Center page as the main portal for their studies. The Student Center features several resources including a glossary of metaphysical terms, direct links to a dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia, meditation and self-hypnosis music, and a private blog. The Student Center also provides access to all courses as well as access to the instructor for help and support.


Student Handbook

All metaphysics degree program students receive a student handbook.All metaphysics degree program students receive a student handbook that explains everything about the degree program, how to take courses, how courses are graded, and much more.


The President’s Honor Roll

The President’s Honor Roll is designed to recognize the outstanding achievement of students who score a final course grade of 96% or higher on any course within the IMHS Degree Program during the current quarter. Honor roll students demonstrate an above average ability to learn and apply the concepts taught.


Graduating with Honors

For the Metaphysics Bachelor's and Master's degrees, students who achieve a final grade of 96% or higher will graduate with honors (cum laude). Students who achieve a program grade of 97% or higher will graduate with high honors (magna cum laude). Students who achieve a program grade of 98% or higher will graduate with highest honors (summa cum laude). The honors distinction will be printed on the diploma. While graduating with honors is optional, students are encouraged to strive for this distinction by diligently applying themselves to the entire Degree Program. All our awards are intended to encourage students to stretch and evolve beyond their current position.


Other awards are also available for exceptional performance and achievement. See the IMHS Catalog for specific awards.


Important Distinction
Please note that regardless of the specialization you choose, you are still getting your degree in Metaphysical Humanistic Science with a specialization in whatever area you choose. In other words, if you have chosen Spiritual Counseling as your specialization, you are actually getting your degree in “Metaphysical Humanistic Science Specializing in Spiritual Counseling.”





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