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Para-Anthropology Degree

Accelerated Metaphysics PhD Degree Program 



Investigate the Impact of Anomalous Phenomena on the Human Condition


Get your degree in Para-AnthropologyAnthropology is "the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind" (, but it doesn't really deal with the questions related to the impact and connection of anomalous phenomena on the human condition. To properly understand the potential meaning of anomalous phenomena within the context of the total human experience, we need a blend of anthropology, psychology, and metaphysics, after all, the total human experience involves elements of both the macro and the micro; the big and the small; the universal and the personal. This is where Para-Anthropology comes in.


IMHS was among the very first to define Para-Anthropology several years ago. Para-Anthropology combines parapsychology, paranormal science, ufology, and cryptozoology along with human nature to better understand why some people experience anomalous phenomena. For example, why do many people experience strange phenomena while others don’t? Why do some claim to be abducted by aliens? Is this a real phenomenon or could there be psychological or anthropological issues involved or could it be both real and psychological? Why do some UFOs seemingly appear on command? Why do some seem to change their direction of flight due to the thoughts of an observer? Does consciousness have anything to do with the physical manifestation of a spirit? Is consciousness required to manifest a ghost? Do spirits only interact with us because we are there? Is there ever any meaningful activity when no human is around? Could some Bigfoot sightings be artifactual manifestations of consciousness, especially those reported in which the Bigfoot has red, glowing eyes? To what extent, if any, is psi ability inherent in all human beings? Is the human mind capable of out-of-body travel? Is it capable of transcending dimensions? What would it mean to the human experience if some aspect of paranormal phenomena proved to be true? What would it mean if it were not proved true?


To assist students in finding answers, IMHS created Para-Anthropology as an advanced and high-end specialization that explores human nature within the context of anomalous phenomena. While other IMHS specializations require a total of 12 courses to graduation, this specialization requires a total of 19. Thus, the overall tuition is higher. This specialization includes the best IMHS courses relating to human nature and anomalous phenomena. Students will also receive training in several other specializations including counseling/coaching and hypnosis.


This specialization is our flagship metaphysical degree and is for those who are very serious about metaphysical research into the human condition.



Doctoral Degree in this category includes:

Doctor of Metaphysical Humanistic Science

Specializing in (will be printed on your Master's and Doctoral diplomas):

Para-Anthropology MHs.D or PhD



Required Courses

Nineteen courses are required for a Bachelor's and Master's Degree / Certification. For a doctoral degree, the Doctoral Degree Assignment is required. The courses below have been pre-determined for this specific degree. More information about each course is provided on the Course Descriptions page or in the IMHS Catalog. Students are also free to take additional courses beyond the 19 required to graduate if desired. Additional courses are available at the same low tuition rate on a per-course basis.

  • MHs.B1: The Nature of Metaphysics

  • MHs.B2: Metaphysical Self-Mastery

  • MHs.B3: Metaphysical Intercommunication

  • MHs.B4: Metaphysical Principles of Enhanced Relationships

  • MHs.B5: Metaphysical Critical Thinking and Self-Direction

  • MHs.M1: Metaphysical Reinvention and Ordination

  • MHs.M2: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts

  • MHs.M3: Metaphysical Psychology

  • MHs.M5: Metaphysical Laws of Attraction and Abundance

  • MHs.M6: Holistic Meditation, Visualization, and Focus

  • MHs.M7: Developing Your Innate Psychic and Intuitive Powers

  • MHs.M8: Transpersonal Counseling and Coaching

  • MHs.M9: Mystical Philosophy and Holistic Arts

  • MHs.M13: Metaphysical Hypnosis

  • MHs.M16: Paranormal Science

  • MHs.M18: Forensic Anomalous Evidence Analysis and Collection

  • MHs.M19: Starting and Leading an Anomalous Research Team

  • MHs.M24: Cryptozoology

  • MHs.M29: Certified EVP Technician Course

  • Students can choose a full-pay option of $2,400 (save $300), a 6-month payment plan (save $150), an 18-month payment plan (save $102), or the Pay-as-you-go plan.

  • Please see the Tuition and Enrollment Page for more information.


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